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Masonry Supplies

All construction and landscaping projects use some masonry products and depending on the nature of the project, concrete blocks, bricks, masonry cements and a number of other supplies may be required. The masonry features of these projects are the foundation and base of all the other elements on any property; this is why it’s important to choose masonry materials with care.

We at Walker Construction Products are one of the front-running masonry suppliers in the construction products space. Over the years, from our Jonesboro location, we have built a very strong customer base across greater Atlanta, GA, and most landscapers and developers source products from us for all their projects.

Our Tyrone location caters to a large number of customers throughout the South-Metro, GA region and many builders, developers as well as individual property owners trust only us for the best masonry supplies and services.


When you want to construct aesthetically-appealing structures, homes and landscapes, you hire expert craftsmen for the work; but the final finishing and build of these structures will be great only when you have good quality materials. We understand that builders, contractors and developers have to use high-grade products to maintain their reputation in the market.

Individual homeowners that source supplies from us also want to be sure these materials will be hardy and long-lasting. Once customers start sourcing materials from us, they rarely consider going to any other company for their requirements. They know that our products and supplies will never be second-hand, cut-rate material.


Most construction and landscape projects make use of bricks in some or the other form. They are used for building walls as well as in other indoor and outdoor features.

Concrete Block

These are used in building structures, retaining walls and boundary walls. Many designers and architects also use these in the construction of features such as outdoor kitchens, poolhouses etc.

Mason's Tools

Masonry Cements

These are an integral part of any landscaping project and we have a range of coarse and fine cements to choose from. 

Masonry Cleaners

We supply cleaners of high quality and these can be used in all types of masonry construction.

Masonry Reinforcing

This is used in improving the structural performance of walls made of masonry. They help reduce the stress concentrations caused by movement or around the openings.

Mortar Mixers

Mortar and concrete mixes of different kinds are used in construction projects and stone mixers are used to create these mixes. You can either rent or purchase this equipment, based on your specific requirement.


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