Erosion Control

When any construction or landscape projects are in progress, grading and leveling the land are part and parcel of the first stage of the job. The landscape designers or builders create detailed plans of all the structures and features that are to be built on that piece of land.

Most of these projects involve excavation to make room for new structures; In the case of sloping land, it leaves the soil and rocks exposed and this can result in soil erosion and mudslides. Not only can this cause damage to the landscaping or structures, but can pose a danger to people living or working on that property.

We at Walker Construction Products are one of the leading companies in the construction products space. Over the years, from our Jonesboro location, we have built a very strong customer base across Atlanta, GA, and most landscapers and developer’s source erosion control products from us such as silt fencing, poly wattles, gravel bags, geo grids and sandbags.

Our Tyrone location caters to a large number of customers throughout South-Metro, GA and many builders, developers and home owners trust only us for the best erosion control supplies and services.

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