Established 1999

We supply landscaping materials and garden products for homeowners and building professionals in Jonesboro, McDonough, Barnesville, Tyrone, Georgia, GA.

Walker Construction Products offers a diverse selection of building, construction, and landscape supplies to the homeowner and professional contractor. Our goal is to offer top of the line products, competitive prices, and a service that is unmatched.

Concrete Finishing

Tools, Forms, Equipment, Slab Prep
Concrete is a widely-used product in building construction and landscaping; the material is resilient and durable and starts its life in a semi-solid form

Landscape Supplies

Consumables, SRWs, Natural Stone, Drainage
We are one of the leading companies in the landscapes products space. Our clientele includes builders, designers, architects, developers and home owners looking for the best landscaping, building and construction supplies.

Masonry Supplies

Block, Brick, Mortars, Mason's Tools
All construction and landscaping projects use some masonry products and depending on the nature of the project, concrete blocks, bricks, masonry cements and a number of other supplies may be required.

Tools & Supplies

Tools. Electric, Pneumatic, Fasteners, Safety Gear
We know that high-quality construction tools make a sea of difference to the outcome of your project; and they can improve the delivery time as well as lower your labor costs dramatically.

Tools and Supplies

It’s important to procure tools of good quality as it will help you handle the work safely and efficiently.

Rental Equipment

We have a number of tools and construction equipment for rent such as: Power Trowels, Mortar Mixers, Cut Saws and Plate Compactors

Electric Tools

We can provide a variety of electric tools such as Hammer Drills, Circular Saws and Grinders.


We carry basic building tools such as Levels and bolt cutters, Chalk lines, tape measures.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are essentially compressed air-driven power tools that are powered by a strong air compressor.


Fasteners we carry include such products as Bulk Nails, Wedge Anchors and Anchor Bolts.

Safety Supplies

Some of the safety supplies we carry include: Safety Glasses/Face Shields/Goggles, Foot Protection,Gloves and Hard Hats.

Best Products
Premium Brands

When you source from us, you don’t have to worry about quality. We have been operating in this space for almost 20 years and together with Walker Concrete (our sister company) we have over 60 years of industry experience in setting the highest standards for quality & service.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any more information, feel free to speak with the experts at Walker Construction Products on these numbers: Jonesboro Store -678-479-8283 and Tyrone Store-770-969-8834. 

Do you Deliver?
Yes. Our delivery fleet includes a Single Axle Dump, a Flat Bed With Moffett and a Tandem Axle Dump truck. Call for quote on delivery, Jonesboro: 678-479-8283; Tyrone" 770-969-8834.
Can I establish a credit account?
Yes. Please see our credit application for complete requirements and details.
What kind of equipment do you rent?

We have a number of tools and construction equipment for rent such as:

  • Power Trowels
  • Mortar Mixers
  • Cut Saws
  • Plate Compactors
  • Generators
  • Electric Tools
  • Laser Transits
  • Concrete Stamps
  • Pumps

For any more information about our rental equipment you can speak with the experts at Walker Construction Products on these numbers: Jonesboro Store -678-479-8283 and Tyrone Store-770-969-8834. 

Do you carry bulk landscape consumables like mulch?

Yes. We can supply bulk mulches, bulk sands, fill dirt, topsoil, bulk gravel, soil conditioners, pea gravel, slate chips, red rock as well as river rock. When you choose to purchase these products from us, you are assured of the best supplies at the best landscape materials cost.

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Jonesboro Store
9344 South Main St.
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Phone No. - 678-479-8283
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Tyrone Store
165 Peggy Lane
Tyrone, GA 30290
Phone No. - 770-969-8834
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