Every landscape has a number of different features that make it appealing and functional. While elements such as plants, trees and lawns add the element of “life” to the landscape, masonry features add solidity, structure and function. Most of these features are visible to the eye and most people put in a significant amount of time and effort into getting these designed from experts.

But there are certain features such as landscape drainage systems that have a crucial role to play in the overall working of your landscaped spaces. These systems are always installed in the first phase of the landscaping project; if the garden and yard drains aren’t planned and installed well, that can lead to flooding and pooling of water in various areas of the landscape. Use the right drainage products in your projects helps prevent this from happening.

We at Walker Construction Products are one of the leading companies in the construction products space. Over the years, from our Jonesboro location, we have built a very strong customer base throughout greater Atlanta, GA. Most landscapers and developers source products from us for all their projects.

Our Tyrone location caters to a large number of customers throughout the greater South-Metro, GA region and many builders, developers as well as home owners trust only us for the best drainage supplies and services.

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