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Erosion Control

Erosion Control Products Tyrone, GA When any construction or landscape projects are in progress, grading and leveling the land are part and parcel of the first stage of the job. The landscape designers or builders create detailed plans of all the structures and features that are to be built on that piece of land.

Most of these projects involve excavation to make room for new structures; In the case of sloping land, it leaves the soil and rocks exposed and this can result in soil erosion and mudslides. Not only can this cause damage to the landscaping or structures, but can pose a danger to people living or working on that property.

We at Walker Construction Products are one of the leading companies in the construction products space. Over the years, from our Jonesboro location, we have built a very strong customer base across Atlanta, GA, and most landscapers and developer’s source erosion control products from us such as silt fencing, poly wattles, gravel bags, geo grids and sandbags.

Our Tyrone location caters to a large number of customers throughout South-Metro, GA and many builders, developers and home owners trust only us for the best erosion control supplies and services.

Our Products

Here is some detailed information about these products:

  • Silt Fences - These fences are made from various natural and synthetic erosion control materials. Their structure may either be solid or meshy. A standard fence is made of geotextile material that’s stretched between metal or wooden stakes along horizontal contour levels. These silt fences are suitable in applications where the soil erosion or sediment movement is limited.

  • Sandbags - Sandbags could be made from polypropylene, hessian or other similar materials. These sand-filled sacks are suitable for different types of erosion control as well as for flood control. These strong bags include drawstrings and are an effective way of preventing soil erosion.

  • Gravel Bags - Like sandbags, gravel bags are also an effective method of erosion control; these are quite similar to their sand-filled counterparts in terms of the weight, size and materials; the only difference is that they are filled with fine pea gravel which adds to their permeability; this allows a certain amount of water to flow through the bags instead of just getting accumulated on one side. These bags are specifically designed to reduce soil erosion and they stabilize the soil as well.

  • Geogrids - These are also called geotextiles and are available in two variants:

    • Woven - These are ideal for settings that need a high level of soil stabilization, such as driveways and roads or any other area that sees high traffic.
    • Nonwoven - These are best for settings that have filtration or drainage issues. Their felt-like exterior allows the water to flow quickly through the fabric, which allows the particles to be filtered out effectively.
  • Poly Wattles - These are very economical and effective protection devices for storm drain inlets. They are extremely effective in sediment control and erosion control and the installation is very quick as well. Poly wattles are also extensively used in land development and landscaping projects where natural or artificial ponds and streams are located.

For any more information about our erosion prevention products and their applications, you can speak with the experts at Walker Construction Products on these numbers: Jonesboro Store -678-479-8283 and Tyrone Store-770-969-8834. To send us an email, you can use this online form and we will revert shortly.

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