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Concrete Forming

Concrete Forming Jonesboro, GA Concrete is a widely-used product in building construction and landscaping; the material is resilient and durable and starts its life in a semi-solid form; it can be easily worked and manipulated to assume almost any form after which it hardens and assumes that shape. It is this quality of concrete to assume shapes and fill voids that makes concrete one of the most commonly used construction materials on earth. But for this to happen, concrete forming has to be used.

We at Walker Construction Products are one of the leading companies in the construction products space. Over the years, from our Jonesboro location, we have built a very strong customer base across greater Atlanta GA, and most landscapers and developer’s source concrete forming and other construction products from us for all their projects.

Our Tyrone location caters to a large number of customers across South-Metro, GA and many builders, developers as well as property owners trust only us for the best building supplies and services.

What Are Metal Concrete Forms?

Concrete forms are solid barriers that hold the concrete in place and force it to assume the desired shape. However, there are a many latest and advanced forming systems that serve a number of other purposes too, such as imparting specialized decorative effects and providing insulation etc.

Concrete is a strong and heavy material and a single sq-ft of concrete weighs close to 150 pounds; even an average sized landscape or construction project can require literally hundreds of thousands of sq-ft of concrete to be installed at one time. This weight can be held back by strong, custom concrete forms; this is why most concrete forming products are made either of metal or wood.

Types of Concrete Forms

Some of the concrete forms and related products we supply include:

  • Concrete wall forms
  • Wood forming for concrete slabs
  • Decorative forming materials
  • Insulated concrete forms
  • Foam concrete forms
  • Screed stakes
  • Metal stakes
  • Wood stakes
  • Pins and wedges
  • Sonotubes

How to Choose Deck and Patio Concrete Forming

The categorization of concrete forming is often done on the basis of how and where they’re used. When you are choosing a form for any particular project, the aspects that have to be taken into account are:

  • Pour size
  • Amount of weight or pressure that will be pushing against these forms
  • The amount of concrete that has to be retained by the form

Whether you are installing a driveway on your property, or are building retaining walls, boundary walls, a patio, deck or even a building or home, concrete forms are an integral part of all these projects. We can help you with all the information you need about the different products we have and this helps you make a better-informed decision about the type of forms that would be best-suited for your project.

If you don’t want to buy the forms outright, we also offer form rentals; you can rent the forms you need for the duration of your project at very reasonable cost. You can speak with the experts at Walker Construction Products on these numbers: Jonesboro Store -678-479-8283 and Tyrone Store-770-969-8834. To send us an email, you can use this online form and we will revert shortly.

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